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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 18, 2013 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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roads. right now, things are system a little bit busy as well. let's take a look at the bay bridge. that's about a ten-minute delay. it's not all that bad getting into san francisco. we're looking at san francisco itself, northbound and southbound 101 that's improved after earlier problems. on the peninsula, 101 is looking pretty good as you drive down to 92. let's go to steve. mostly sunny in the morning. and then mostly sunny in the afternoon. rain wednesday and it's out of here by thursday. >> tomorrow and umbrella. >> yes. >> and welcome back. >> yes, welcome back. that's our report this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. be sure to join us for the news at noon as the postmaster general is visiting san francisco. thank you for joining us. [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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hello, everybody, let's get this brand-new week started with some brand-new videos right this minute. guys flipping out at the big
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film fest in austin. what happens when one dude decides enough is enough. god luck getting away from a hungry croc. >> their jaws are like --. surveillance shows a store full of people. but see that little girl? why cops say she's pulling some very adult moves. the south by southwest festival just wrapped up in us tip, texas, a good time had by all, but some bad times going on on sx street. this guy is taunting other people, but watch this guy in
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the black shert. . >> oh. >> he totally pops that guy in the face. that guy is totally up confrontational, but then a guy comes and sucker punches this boy. that's in the the classest of moves of the either, he's not unconscious on 2 sbauk. it actually looks like the guy in the black shirt goes over and tries to kick him. >> does he have frepds who are trying to aid him? >> it doesn't lock like anybody's coming to this guy's
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i'd. we have a call into the us turn police department and find ow out if this was actually an arrest. its unbelievable how people will do just about anything to get by, 'put a little girl who is totally innocent by presidenting her onloin. see that little girl, that pregnant woman with her is believed to be her mom. this is at diskoibt wireless at st. augustine, florida. the family says -- the mom was coaching this daughter to steel.
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this man who looks to be with that woman and little girl, he takes someone's phone. this is three -- she's looking afternoon she's sneak yes whenever she's on the case. >> how much do they get away with? >> according to the sheriff's office, they too thousands of dollars for the stomobile phone? it's heart breaking, because she looks to be so young, she doesn't have a chance if this is what the people who are supposed
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to be taking care of her and teaching her. . here a motorcycle rider who just by the skin of teeth avoided death. watch from the left side of the screen what happens next. >> what? oh, my gosh. >> the motorcyclist comes through the intersection and must have slipped on some gravel or something, the bike gets stuck, but he slides right by, just barely missing the boy as he's slying. according to part of the video, here comes the motorcycle rider now helmet, backpack. see these two cars douking back
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and forth and one pulls in front of the other, that kicks off this guy, he keeps going around, stops the car and glanszs out. >> he actually threw it off into the grass. and for effects, it worked. a huge undercover police operation was set into motion because of some cctv pictures. at about 8:30 in the morning, this car pulls up, completely
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blocking the know of traffic. police say that inside that car is a known drug dealer, all the people rushing towards that car are the drug users are looking to buy. >> it's like the it's cream moon going down the street. >> police sigh think these dealers were selling crack cocaine and meth. this led to a huge skbrund cover operation. you get to see the foot amg of what hisunder cover police officers ---here in the burns, you see money exchange hands, police use all these videos to
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find these dealer. in all they arrested 29 different dealers from this particular neighborhood sflvmt it's hard for these guys to argue because what more do you need other than a video? >> since these arrests were made, crime has gone down 20% in this nashd. lots of cars, one quarter, same result, over and over. >> maybe this is part of the show, maybe they're supposed to call some dam in this turn to get extra patients. >> see the turn no one seems to mike next, from t lrk c's little people big world, a little bit of a crime for mother and son. >> the trip to
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i introduce you to eric. eric is a crocodile about 11 years ole. do you know what was in eric's mouth? >> another crocodile? >> the person who was on the tour snapping pictures, the other times they have seen that it was a smaller crocodile. they're up pore tup. >> how do you chew up a crocodile? take a look at the teeth on this thing, they're like spears. >> i cannot believe that eridge was like, you know what? i'm eating. >> the tour guy said that he
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went back a few days later an he said hi thinks he ate the whole crocodile. . . you guys probably are not aware is that the magnetic earth's scepter is somewhere in poland. >> that car slides off a very slippery right hander into a ditch. here comes another car right behind that one, a white mitsubishi, gets out of shape and into the time ditch. this video goes on for another six mens and seemingly every single car that comes through --
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>> every one? in the exact same spot? >> here comes another one rjsz right into the ditch and out the other side. >> you think there's a thip layer of mud right around the bend. >> thigh come in pretty hard -- and that one rolls over. >> another one, krumpl. wait, maybe this is part of the show, maybe they're supposed to cause some damage in this turn to get extra points. >> no ch. >> you guys are probably familiar with the hit trk lc show "little people, big world" the roll-off family now has a brand-new one-hour special that begins this week.
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she decided she wanted to climb mt. st. helens. the chime is a five-mile route and they're going up 45000 investigatorable feet. vie can type we have matt and amy roll-off. this is a pretty incredible task for anyone. what made you decide to climb mt. st. helps. i. >> i -- normally something like this i just hook at it as going by myself. >> what was the experience like
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for you? >> i was like don't worry about the stack who's a half a mile ahead of you, just be thankful that you go up and down this mountain twice. if i'm going to do this, i'm going to have to do it my way. >> matt what were you doing while amy was making this climb? >> i just kept busy, busy, busy and tried no it to think that they were ricking their lives up there. >> can you describe what it's lying when you get to the top? >> it's like this physical,
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mental high and steam is coming out. to me, the personal moment was just being able to share that with zack. >> little people big world will show that mt. st. helen climb. the guy with the apple and the head trick. and still come, it's not a party without a little booze. >> they call it a celebration, i call it a little sad. >> oh, yeah because they are plowing it up. see what it looks like when alcohol takes the shot. >> and why this woman should [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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mcdonald's dollar menu, home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love... ♪ ...and other amazing tastes, for just a dollar each. ♪ like the bold hot n spicy mcchicken, and the new grilled onion cheddar burger
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topped with caramelized onions and melted white cheddar. everyday, as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. a bonus video that you can find on our website. >> this one takes a turn for the weird. everyone feeds a little relationship advice. got to say the impersonation is spot on. and then from there, it turns into like a music video to the tune of "somebody that i used to know." it turns into a precious that we used to know. >> i think you have to watch
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this video all the way through. give me some slow jam music because it's time to slow thimgt down with the slow-mo guy. what are they doing this time? they dipped a tuning fork into a glass of water and we will see the results. >> whoa. >> you see a limb flash back, they're having a little fun and they finally get to their experiment and film it in slow-mo. i think the funny part comes after the experiment when they tune the tuning fork with their tongue. >> are they going to share the tuning forks? >> this is a celebration of st. patrick's day by the rated rr guys. they call it a celebration, i call it a little sad, they line
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up a bunch of --? low motion they show us the destruction of these caps and bottles of beer. i call that abuse. 12k3w this isn't crazy at all. jameson? >> i feel like they also should have made a stronger table. >> avenue the board goes the full way through, you can see the neck of the very first bottle has. moved. it's still sitting there. i have two videos that tell the story of love. love has been described as blind, patient, and that's kind of what's going up here. pay attention to this guy year, contemplating the skate decks on
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the wall. show me how much they love this skate board deck. ♪ loving you >> this is the budding of a relationship. >> they want to know if they cliblged. ? apparently this thing was caught on surveillance video at this skate shop. he is supposed to be holding a resip row cal state deck. ? peeblging of patient love, i think this woman's love for shoes is very patient because she is sporting those high heeled boots, they're not being very cooperative with her. >> it almost like she's on stilts. and girls wear this because they think they look attractive.
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>> this looks like her ankle is breaking in half. thmplt dude on the snowmobile decides, no snow, no problem. >> the guy is about to drop off a 15-foot dam.
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boy, just the other day you were saying to me, i really want
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to build an 8 by 8 rgblaq. >> i couldn't find a video but one of our viewers made a video on how to create this thing. it's like a giant light bright but it moves. >> it's the new lava lamp. >> this video is about a half an hour long. there's a full instructional video and there is a shorter version here that will tell you exactly what you need. >> you want to be very careful with your ohm resistors. >> i was wondering what i was going to do with all my extra mos sets. >> what if you glued an iphone
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to the floor? you would think with a name like snowmobile, you would need snow. but that's not the case here on ontario, canada. this guy is about to jump off a 15-foot dam on a snowmobile. here he goes. >> lands in the water, begans it. manages to keep the thing


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